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One of the most important development areas in the blockchain field is the ICO industry, due to a huge quantity of money funded by companies with this tool. Bluestar Blockchain & ICO Advisory Services develops tailor-made solutions through the creation of customized token types for an end-to-end asset and utility "tokenization" experience. Bluestar Capital’s expertise is centered in all consulting areas essentials for a successful ICO , business analysis, whitepaper, smart contracts, ICO strategy marketing, investor relators, monitoring & audit. These activities have been identified within a dense operating protocol divided into four macro areas: Preparation, pre-ICO, ICO and post ICO.


All international professional experiences gained by all the members of the team have allowed the creation of a worldwide network composed by over 600 Investor Partners, institutional or not. This network of partners includes private equity funds, business angels, general venture capital and venture capital specialized on blockchain projects. Bluestar Capital will be engaging directly with all its network to achieve the success of your ICO.

Bluestar Platform

Bluestar Platform is a platform for the share and company asset token ("Asset Token") and loyalty program token ("Utility Token - Fan Token"). Bluestar Platform has been developed on the Stratis blockchain, a blockchain platform highly decentralized built on the Microsoft's technology stack. Its architecture is based on Bitcoin, the safest blockchain at the moment. Combined with the implementation of Proof-of-Stake by Stratis, this blockchain has a low-carbon production due to the generation of high energy-efficient blocks. Stratis supports asset tokenization and smart contracts and, in addition, it supports the native STRAXtoken as a transfer vehicle of generic value available on the most popular exchanges (Binance, Upbit,Crypto.com). STRAX's Wrapped (wSTRAX) is available on Ethereum blockchain too through UniSwap exchange.

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Utility tokens are tokens which are intended toprovide access digitally to an application orservice by means of a blockchain-basedinfrastructure.


Asset tokens represent assets such as a debt orequity claim on the issuer. In terms of their economic function, therefore,these tokens are analogous to equities, bondsor derivatives.


Bluestar Platform is a platform for the share and company asset token ("Asset Token") and loyalty program token ("Utility Token - Fan Token").